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Petrohue WaterFalls

Breaks Petrohué waterfalls are located a short distance downstream of Lake Todos Los Santos.

Puerto Montt Port Tour

Puerto Montt is a commune in southern Chile, whose capital is the homonymous city of Puerto Montt, also capital of the province of Llanquihue and the Lakes Region.

Frutillar - Lake Theatre

The Lake Theatre is a theater located on the west shore of Lake Llanquihue in Frutillar, Los Lagos Region, Chile.

Laguna Verde Trail

Laguna Verde, located in the Vicente Perez Rosales National Park on the international route Ch 225 Puerto Varas - Ensenada.

Punta Arenas - “At World’s End”

Punta Arenas is a city and a port on the southern tip of Chile, capital of Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica..


The rafting, canoeing or rafting is an adventure sport and team, which combines physical strength with a passion for nature.

Our fantastic location

Located in Lakeland, south of Chile.

Our expert guides

They have a great experience and sympathy, to make your trip an exceptional moment.

Our beautiful trekking area

Beautiful places and trails to know.

Well-equipped Staff

Your safety is always important, so we have the equipment required for each tour you decide to enjoy.

Celebrating 15 years of GV Tours at your service, we want to continue delivering the best tour southern Chile.

One of the most striking things about GV Tours is the lack of time constraints. All of the tours available from the cruise menu stated 2, 3 or 4 hours each. None included meals and all were more expensive than GV. The only concern about time with GV Tours is the necessity to get you back to your ship in time to sail. Their tours can last up to 8 hours depending on sailing time


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